Narcolepsy Weed

Georgia. 19. Manchester.

If I had anything interesting to say I would write it here. But I don't, so I won't.

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my ideal body weight is you on top of me.

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The edge of the canvas // The pallete of colors after the painting

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Titan aka the Mermaid Moon

Titan aka the Mermaid Moon

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you’re really cute and its ruining my life because i think about kissing you all the time

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So, I was in the car today and saw someone with the license plate “X0DUS3 5”, so I thought it was like Exodus 3:5 and I looked it up, and do you know what it said?

"Do not come any closer."

How to use the bible for good haha

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I roam the streets at night hoping I’ll bump into you Quinn DoBling  (via kushandwizdom)

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Days Are Gone

Days Are Gone

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